~About Natural Agriculture~


      Generally speaking, natural agriculture seeks the synthesis of Great Nature and human beings in order to to return to basics of living.  It is a philosophical way of farming.

      Unlike the conventional farming which emphasizes  "Men can win the Great Nature" by using fertilizers and pesticides to solve production, pests, and diseases problems, natural agriculture emphasizes growing the optimal crop according to weather, geography, soil, and the characteristics of each kind of crop.

      Among the growing process, watering is the only task done to crop.  Weeding is done only twice every year.  The rational behind is that if this crop cannot beat the weeds, it is against the principle of survival of the fittest.  under this circumstance, its nutrition value is rationally in doubt.

      Due to the fact that Oolong tea is not produced every season, during off seasons tree leaves are cutoff and spread under trees as green manure.  This does not violate nature's principle.

      In short, natural agriculture seeks affordably readopting the ecological principles of the Hunter-Gatherer Age.



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