Summer OFFER : Oriental Beauty Tea (100g)

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This is from single-source tea garden.Such tea made from “Ching Shin Da Pang” Oolong tea tree has the best quality.Flavor of its leaves has honey-like sweetness.Its soup has unique and strong flower flavors but tastes very smooth.Its flavor is different from the other two authentic production areas Hsin-chu and Miao-li for which their soups have fruit flavors instead.

Tea tree leaves are bitten by grasshoppers and with manufacturing techniques allow leaves to display white, green, yellow, red, and brown.This is very colorful and nice to look at.However,it is very difficult for leaves to be bitten evenly.Therefore its production is very low and extremely precious.

“Oriental Beauty Tea” was given name by Great Britain Queen Victoria in mid-late 1800s for its colorful leaves and multilateral fragrances.

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