A Story has Two Sides

A story has tow sides.  Actually sometimes even more.  It all depends on how we look at things!  There are positive thinking, negative thinking, and others.  What I want to talk about is the situation of the tea business sector of Taiwan.

      Taiwan is an island located on West Pacific Ocean.  east to China, north to the Philippines, and south to Japan.  Moreover, the acreage of Taiwan is about 10% of Japan and Germany, and about 9% of California.  For the rest factors of Taiwan please search online.

      Instead of talking way back to the mid 19th century and talking about history, I will go straight to my topic this time and leave the history for some other time.  Briefly speaking, descriptions about the situation of the tea business sector of Taiwan are: 

1. mess of products and breeds;

2. nearly unregulated pricing;

3. dispersed of tea gardens;

4. weak bargaining power;

5. small scale of producers and most distributors; and 

6. Income below overall average line.

      Honestly speaking, these descriptions I listed seem quite negative.  I suppose that people making those descriptions believe in economy of scale and competitiveness.  I'm not against those viewpoints but I'm just wondering that if there are other resolutions for us in 2020 under a mobile age?

      For instance, would planting several kinds of tea trees more or less promote biodiversity and benefit the environment in all?  Second, shall we just leave the price checking tasks for each individual instead of investing resources in tea market regulation?  After all, specialty tea is not standardized and is very difficult to regulate.  Third, making tea gardens next to each other is artificial and nearly impossible.  Fourth, if we believe in mutual benefits, there is no need to bargain.  Fifth, there must be ways for small scale businesses making good profits.  It just takes time to discover.  Finally, perhaps we have emphasized too much on the importance of income.  Money is not the only income.  There are more and many are psychological!

      In the end, I have been working on finding the resolutions for our situation.  Hopefully, I can find my answers with you soon!

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