Why I never vote for KMT

I am going to talk about this issue relating to collective schizophrenia, hypocrisy, and Stockholm syndrome.  I would like to say that a group of people continuously saying one thing but doing the opposite are either schizophrenic or hypocritical.  Even more seriously, we can probably say that they have Stockholm syndrome.  According to these, I am go to explain why I never vote for Kuomintang (KMT).

Actually its real name is “Chinese Nationalist Party.”  For some reason it replaced this English name to its transliteration.  Reasonable inferences would be that this party somewhat wishes to lighten it Chinese origin shown to international society.  Another might be that it wishes to attract moderate pro-Taiwan voters.  To me, this name-change action has done no good.  What this party is will not be changed simply by changing its English name.  in fact, this action made me feel surreptitious about the Chinese Nationalist Party.  It somewhat created an image and message that this party is sneaky and hypocritical.

Anyway, the Chinese Nationalist Party operates in Taiwan and hold its highest goal unifying Taiwan with China.  This kind of situation is definitely unacceptable to any democratic countries.  Take Canada as an example.  No Canadian would allow a British party operating in Canada with its goal regaining full control over Canada.  Moreover, no Canadian would allow a French party operating in Canada with its goal taking Quebec over.  Under these circumstances, I as a Taiwanese, will not allow a Chinese party operating in Taiwan with it goal unifying Taiwan with China.  I am sure that most Taiwanese agree with me.

Another reason I never vote for the Chinese Nationalist Party is that it is a Leninist party.  It is an autocratic party as well.  Its party founder Sun Yet-Sen had huge lust for power in which he adopted the Soviet party structure.  Mr. Sun claimed that he had studied in Hawaii for several years.  But why didn’t he adopt the American party structure?  I would say that he was a hypocrite.  He said many attractive things but in fact many things he did were selfish and horrible.  Back to the current, until this day, the twentieth century, the Chinese Nationalist Party still puts itself above the nation (its slogan “party-nation”).  In addition, it is still using party rules to control its members especially those who are representatives to follow it policies and orders regardless of righteousness.  What the Chinese Nationalist Party is doing are undemocratic.

Thirdly, simply examining the Chinese Nationalist Party, we can many weird things.  First of all, its party leader who brought them to Taiwan, Chiang Kai-shek, is considered by the international society as a figure similar to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.   Under this circumstance, what makes those who worship Chiang Kai-shek?  I would say they are hypocritical or even schizophrenic.  Moreover, its party mission is to pursuit the happiness of all Chinese.  Nevertheless, what has this party done for the Chinese at all?  Where is it when the Tiananmen massacre happened?  What has it done for Tibetans and the people of East Turkistan (Xinjiang)?  Worst of all, recent years, retired generals interact with Chinese People’s Liberation Army generals (in service and retired) very frequent and say both troops are Chinese troops.  They totally forgot that their “forever leader” Chiang Kai-shek was against Mao Zedong and Chiang Ching-kuo made up policies against China as no contact, no negotiation, and no compromise.  So what happened to those generals?  Are they out of their minds? They and the Chinese generals used to be enemies but they befriend now!  All I can say is that those Chinese generals in Taiwan and those with same opinion as them have collective Stockholm syndrome.  I feel ashamed of them and pity them.  They cannot accept the fact and move on toward the future.

In the end, I don’t want to be a hypocrite and I certainly don’t want to be schizophrenic.  Moreover, I hope that I’m not affected by this collective Stockholm syndrome spreading in Taiwan especially in Taipei.  I hope that the Chinese Nationalist Party will diminish in the coming future.  Or it would abandon its Chinese missions and genuinely transform into a Taiwanese political party.  Before that day has come, I will never vote for this party no matter what!

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