Taiwan is similar to Belgium and the Netherlands in size of territory.  Regardless that we are way more populous than these two countries, I believe we still can learn a lot from them.  Especially their management knowledge.

      In short, Belgium and the Netherlands cannot compete with France, Germany, and Spain in food crop industry.  However, both of them are excellent in the economical crop industry.  Moreover, Belgium cannot compete in heavy metal industry but its people are wonderful at handmade forks, knives, and spoons.

      As for we Taiwanese, we cannot compete in quantity-demand due to size of territory.  Therefore, we should really transform  and develop products with high unit-value and high added-value.  Especially those low polutive industries.  For instance, tea and Phalaenopsis of the agriculture industry.  Furthermore, we should devote even more into international trading.  This is becuase if an enterprise solely rely on a market of 23 million people, it can only make living.  If it seeks higher profits and greater scale, it must participate in the international market.

       We believe that only well-connected with international market can it change the ecology of Taiwanese "tea industry."  Once we successfully established a different business model, then will some Taiwanese cooperate with us.  We sincerely hope that we can help tour tea industry transform and truly industrialized like the international wine industry in the coming future.